Xcel 360 started as a DREAM… a thought in the mind of Coach Chris back in 2009… through a combination of perseverance, an amazing program director, a team of incredible coaches, hardworking dedicated athletes and the support of all of our amazing Xcel families… That DREAM has now become a reality! Proof that if you THINK it… BELIEVE it’s possible… you can ACHIEVE anything!

Here at Xcel 360, our job as coaches/leaders is to be more than just mentors, coaches and role models… we also have to serve as “professional disturbers.” We often have to shake people up a bit and pull them out of their comfort zone. We LEAD, INSPIRE and CHALLENGE our athletes to see things a little different and help them believe that they can accomplish goals and achieve skills they never thought possible! We have had athletes from all over the US train here as well as international athletes from countries such as England, France, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Sweden.

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance as ALL of our staff is has passed background checks and are safety certified! Coach Jen and Myslef are also Professional Members of USASF which requires an additional background check and certification. We are constantly training with the top leaders in the industry on the newest and safest training techniques to not only get our athletes better but keep them safe as well!

If you have any questions please call us at (813) 792-7037! Thank You and have a wonderful day!

~Coach Chris

Xcel 360 Mission Statement

Our mission is to be one of the world’s top athletic training
facilities for children. We will inspire, motivate, teach and coach
our athletes through many accomplishments and obstacles by using
integrity, creativity and the power of belief. We will have the
courage to stand against the masses to maintain our integrity and


To keep it simple… At Xcel 360, We Get RESULTS. By modeling other
successful trainers and through our own personal experiences as
coaches, we have developed the skills necessary to help young athletes
achieve their goals and in many cases, “Xcel” beyond their own
expectations. We believe in building physical and mental strength
through encouragement and various successful techniques to guide our
athletes through their achievements.

At Xcel 360 we maintain a high expectation level of all of our
students. Through research and experience we have found that an
athlete’s skill and development level is often a direct reflection of
the expectations of that athlete’s peer group, parents, teachers and
coaches. Children tend to reflect what is expected of them.

Xcel 360 is a place to come to receive positive input and influence
for young athletes and their families. We are very passionate about
what we do and care about the success of each and every one of our