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Welcome to The Home of LITE All Stars!


Are you or someone you know looking for a Half Season Cheer Program? Don’t be fooled by those that claim to have the lowest cost or the best instruction… Xcel 360’s LITE All Stars has a proven track record for being both affordable and successful. Not just because our half season teams have won numerous local and national titles but more so because our athletes gain skills and grow as a team and as individual athletes.

NO FORMAL TRYOUTS! Everyone makes a team! Teams are divided up by age and skill level. We ask that everyone interested in signing up please attend our LITE All Star Team Placement Day. There you will sign up and get answers to all of your questions! The kids will be evaluated by coaches and we will go over team and program expectations. We are looking forward to the start of this wonderful program!

LITE All Stars? Well… we figured it was about time

someone made a change to the All Star Cheerleading world with regards to the economy and help families out even more! DON”T BE FOOLED BY IMITATION PROGRAMS… We are the home of the TRUE LITE All Stars! Where even our Half Season Teams become National Champions!

Imagine this… Same Professional instruction in the safe environment of a gym but LESS COST! LESS TIME! LESS STRESS and… we work AROUND your kid’s SCHOOL SCHEDULES! We will actually work with you!

It was time for a change and Xcel 360 is stepping up to make it happen! Didn’t make School Cheer? Cheering for us will help give you the tools needed to make your School Cheer Squads!

Some of the most talented Cheerleaders never even Cheer for their Middle or High Schools but go on to Successfully Cheer in College because of the training and skills acquired through All Star Cheer!

How Did LITE All Stars Come About?

LITE stands for Less Intense Training Environment

Many VERY TALENTED All Star Cheerleaders have migrated to Recreational Teams over the past 5 – 6 years because of the high cost of All Star Cheer. Not that there is anything against the recreational teams but the majority of them aren’t run or coached by experienced certified coaches. They are typically parents of children that are cheering that bravely take the position as coach and do the best they can to get those kids to do their absolute best… to be fair… it’s very difficult for them to teach new skills without the proper equipment and environment.

ANOTHER REASON for LITE All Stars is School Cheer! Hundreds of Cheerleaders Tryout for School Cheer for a team of say 20 athletes… that leaves MANY girls and boys without a place to cheer! We offer teams for ALL AGES and LEVELS! Don’t give up on your DREAM TO BE A CHEERLEADER! If you have the skills and just want to further your cheer experience or even if you have no skills at all and want to learn to become a cheerleader… we can accommodate you!
Half Season is also referred to as All Star PREP teams… some gyms will drop their full season teams to PREP to try and win at competitions… while this is frowned upon in the cheer community there is no ruling against it. It seems quite unfair but the good news for our PREP teams at Xcel 360 is they have a proven track record to win even against these full season teams disguised at PREP teams.

Happy Kids!

Want your Athlete to get RESULTS, EXCEL, Achieve NEW SKILLS, Have FUN, and be HAPPY with their SUCCESS? LITE All Stars is the solution! This gives your kids a chance to get back into All Stars or allow for
new kids to become an ALL STAR Cheerleader! Where the instruction is safer, more professional and where we get kids to XCEL in CHEER and TUMBLE!

LOVE IT! How Do I Join?

Request Info Today!

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