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Benefits of Parkour / Free Running / Ninja Warrior Training

  • Children who are physically active and experience success in movement activities such as Parkour show higher levels of self-esteem and a greater sense of accomplishment.
  • The physical training of Parkour helps children get through the day without fatigue and makes them more alert.
  • Parkour will help children get and stay fit children which in turn¬†improves muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance, body composition and control.
  • A regular physical activity program such as Parkour showed important enhancement of cognitive performance and brain function

Question: Where did Spider-man train?

Answer: At Xcel 360!

See Marvin Ross in “Captain America Civil War” as Spider-Man… the man behind the mask!

Xcel 360 is the #1 Parkour & Free Running training facility in the Tampa Bay Area! We have had athletes and coaches featured in movies and shows such as Ride Along 2, The Red Road, The Walking Dead, Woodlawn, Insurgent, The Originals, Containment, Still the King, Mtv’s Parkour Challenge & MADE and most recently Spider-man in the movie Captain America Civil War, Theme Park Performers (Busch Gardens and Universal Studios), Performers with Houck Talent, Inc. and Antigravity, American Ninja Warrior,¬†WFPF, Red Bull’s 1st Art Of Motion Competition in the U.S., World News, American Parkour (APK), Facebook,,, and many other local news channels and papers, youtube and much more!!

Attire: Shoes and Athletic wear required for obstacle training

Call (813) 792-7037 for more information!

Marvin Ross – Xcel 360 Alumni

Marvin Ross Stunt Reel 2016 Video!

Marvin Ross Triumph Video!

“Marvin Ross… a true inspiration!”

So What is Parkour and Free Running?

In these Videos

You will see a video displaying a variety of Free Running and Parkour skills at an advanced level

To Keep it Simple…

There are many philosophies and discrepancies…

Parkour is the most efficient way to get from point A to point B.

Free Running is the Most Creative way to get from point A to point B.

Use it for FITNESS, ATHLETICISM, or just FUN… Make it part of your LIFE today!

Marvin Ross 2012

Move to Inspire